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Mundo Monte Everest

Es feo caminar sobre un cadáver: alpinista del Everest

Más de 200 escaladores se dirigieron a la cumbre, muchos de los cuales estaban mal preparados, mal equipados y físicamente no aptos para el desafío.

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Elia Saikaly(Eliasaikaly)

Elia Saikaly | Eliasaikaly

El cineasta y escalador canadiense, Elia Saikaly, publicó en sus redes sociales una fotografía donde el cadáver de un alpinista colgaba de una cuerda, en el Monte Everest

El 23 de mayo había marcado su vida
Más de 200 escaladores se dirigieron a la cumbre, muchos de los cuales estaban mal preparados, mal equipados y físicamente no aptos para el desafío. Murieron 10 por la falta de oxígeno, temperaturas bajo cero y embotellamiento de personas.

Tras haber escalado 9 horas constantes, él, sus compañeros y los guías llegaron a la cima. Era la tercera vez que escalaba la llamada ‘zona de la muerte’, y la última.


I’ve seen these views with my own eyes, twice under a different set of circumstances. And here I am again, envisioning the new team, standing below the knife edge ridge, about to make history, on the cusp of fulfilling their lifelong dreams. Their excitement is the fuel that lights the fire within. After all, I’m here for the ‘Dream of Everest’. . It’s game time. Time to perform. Time to channel the inner warrior spirit that enables one to do near impossible things. There no time for pain. No time for struggle. Only space to perform at the highest level. Everything leading up to this point has been the warm up, because all that is above us is the real climb to the top of the world. . I see the team of Arab women all standing here. A few hundred feet beneath the roof of the world. Digging amidst the deepest of places within to find the strength to place one foot in front of the other. Onwards and upwards they climb. I see them standing together, united as one, lifting one another up and raising their flags on top of the world. . This is the ‘Dream of Everest’. It all comes down to right now. I’m ready. They’re ready. We’re all ready. Just waiting for the right weather window... . . #Everest #Everest2019 #Nepal #TheDreamOfEverest #Oman #Lebanon #SaudiArabia @monakshahab @nellyattar @joyceazzam7s

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Es realmente un desastre estar en una posición en la que tienes que caminar sobre un cadáver", expresó Saikaly.

A casi 9000 metros sobre el nivel del mar, no había otra cosa más que continuar. 

“Las temperaturas bajo cero y el bajo nivel de oxígeno en la atmósfera habían afectado a todos nosotros. Las mentes hipóxicas, las extremidades casi adormecidas, todos seguimos adelante con la situación de la vida o la muerte.

“La luz de la madrugada había revelado la puerta de entrada a la cima del Everest y, paralelamente, a un ser humano que había perdido la vida. Aquí estábamos todos, persiguiendo un sueño y bajo nuestros pies había un alma sin vida. ¿Es esto en lo que se ha convertido Everest?”, publicó en su cuenta de Instagram con la imagen del cadáver, con la que busca crear conciencia con decisiones seguras, responsables y éticas con la forma en que abordan la cima del mundo.


High on the Hillary Step on May 23rd, video camera in hand, just beneath the top of the world. . We passed over 60 people during the night and arrived to the south summit just after sunrise. The skies suddenly opened up, the mist and cloud cover burned away and all of the splendor and glory of the world beneath our feet became visible. The Hillary Step was in plain sight and our team of climbers approached the final crux beneath the top of the world. . The sub zero temperatures and low oxygen level in the atmosphere had taken their toll on all of us. Minds hypoxic, extremities nearly numb, we all pressed on through the life or death situation. . The early morning light had revealed the gateway to the summit of Everest and in parallel a human being who had lost his life. Here we all were, chasing a dream and beneath our very feet there was a lifeless soul. Is this what Everest has become? . As I documented the team climbing the iconic step, my mind raced and empathized with every person who struggled to stay alive while undoubtedly questioning their own humanity, ethics and integrity. . This poor human being perched 7000ft above the Western CWM for everyone to observe was a reminder of each of our own mortality. Was this the 'Dream of Everest' we all imagined? . My heart bled for the family and loved ones and at the same time I was conscious of the necessity to continue to move. At nearly 9000m above sea level, there is no choice but to carry on. . Who is responsible here? The individuals? The companies? The Government? Is it time to enforce new rules? Will things ever change? What's the solution here? . With great sadness, as the cues pushed onwards and upwards, so did we, as did over 200 people that day. . I deeply apologize for the sensitivity of this post, but I feel we have a responsibility to inform aspiring future climbers of the seriousness of this undertaking while creating a dialogue around how to make safer, more responsible and more ethical choices with how we approach climbing to the top of the world. . To those that lost their lives this season may their souls Rest In Peace. . #Everest #everest2019 #LineUps #HillaryStep #Tragedy �� by @sherpapk

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Elia también ofreció disculpas por la sensibilidad de la publicación y expresó: “Me disculpo profundamente por la sensibilidad de esta publicación”.

Y culminó: “A aquellos que perdieron sus vidas en esta temporada, que sus almas descansen en paz”.

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