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They want a region with more fairness
Governors analyze 13 key topics for the United States and Mexico, in which security and competitiveness are the main ones
Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.- With the challenge of looking for a regional balance, in the middle of differences between Mexico and the United States, the 25th Border Governors’ Conference analyzes thirteen significant topics such as security and competitiveness.
The Governors of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, from Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, and from Sonora, Eduardo Bours, when asked about their expectations, all coincided that only by teaming up can changes relevant to the border can be achieved; that is why, the work is constant.
The ten states that share the Northern Border of Mexico and the Southern border of the United States, through their government representatives, civil and academic institutions, are meeting today and tomorrow to define the actions to take with the aim of dealing with economic, social, security, and natural resources issues.
The President of Mexico, Mr. Felipe Calderón, will inaugurate the works of the Conference. In this Conference will also participate the Ambassador of Mexico in the United States, Mr. Arturo Sarukhan, and the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Ms. Patricia Espinoza Cantellano.
“The challenge is to consolidate the economic integration of the entities that conform the Mexico-United States border region, from the regional competences”, said the Governor of Sonora, Mr. Eduardo Bours Castelo.
“Even though there are disparities between one another,” he added, “it is possible to find a balance to achieve competitiveness from key aspects such as basic infrastructure, human capital, and variables like innovation and demographic distribution”.
It’s everybody’s challenge
Mr. Humberto Moreira, Governor of Coahuila, stated that the Conference is an intended form of dialogue among the states on the Mexico-United States border in which shared efforts are being made to solve common issues, by means of an international link job with the objective of placing itself as one of the greatest states with better development and a better quality of life.
“The Government of Coahuila attends the 25th Border Governors Conference seriously committed to propose and consolidate strategies in search for the fight against social exclusion in the border… as well as the consolidation of the Wall of Employment project that will directly fight illegal migration to the United States”, said the Governor of Coahuila.
To the Governor of Arizona, the three most important issues of this meeting are the fight against the use and traffic of methamphetamines, of human smuggling, and border infrastructure.
“This is an opportunity to get together with my colleagues, the border governors, to continue fostering initiatives developed alongside the Governor (of Sonora) Eduardo Bours”, stated Napolitano.
Bours Castelo spoke in favor of the cooperation between governments, society, and businesses to make that challenge a reality.
“Together we face the challenge of the regional competitiveness. There is no doubt that this is a complex issue for 10 neighbors that have a great economic and social diversity.
The combination of efforts to achieve a better quality of life for the inhabitants of the border is the guiding principle of the Border Governors’ Conference”, he stated.
Joint Mission
The Mexican governors participating are: Eugenio Elorduy, from Baja California; Eduardo Bours, from Sonora; José Reyes Baeza, from Chihuahua; Humberto Moreira, from Coahuila; José Natividad González, from Nuevo León, and Eugenio Hernández, from Tamaulipas.
From the Unites States: Janet Napolitano, from Arizona; Arnold Schwarzenegger, from California, and the representatives from Texas and New Mexico.
These are the topics of the work tables: Border Security, Economic Development, Agriculture, Water, Tourism, Energy, Logistics and Border Crossings, Education, Health, Science and Technology, Environment, Civil Defense, and Wildlife.
On the second day of the Conference, Mr. Pedro Aspe Armella, from Protego Consultants, will present a study of competitiveness and the areas of opportunity in the border region.

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